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Rosemary, pink.


Rosemary, 'Pink'
Rosmarinus officinale 'Roseus'

Rosemary is a much used and well loved herb.
A perennial that is hardy in the south and needs poor soil, good drainage and will not tolerate acid in the soil. - A fist-sized lump of chalk beside the stem can often help to maintain the health of the plant on soils that tend to acidity -.
Numerous culinary uses as well as medicinal and aromatic virtues.
This variety is not as tall as the normal blue Rosemary, and has pink flowers.
For culinary purposes it has the same uses and taste as the better known types,
and its other 'virtues' are the same.
Its smaller size makes it more suitable for modern gardens
and families where the 'full size' Rosemary can be rather overwhelming. 

The plants are grown in 9cm(3inch) pots, which are not included in the item to keep postage reasonable. Included in the item, where available, is the coloured label as seen in the photograph, which gives cultural and usage tips.

Hardy = frost tolerant.
Half-hardy = likes winter protection.
Tender = will not survive frosts.
Annual = lasts one season only.
Biennial = lasts two seasons.
Perennial = lasts more than two seasons.
Deciduous = loses its leaves in the winter.
Evergreen = remains green all year.

If you are unable to find the plants you require in our shop, please ask me by emailing on maninamillion@googlemail.com

FAQ section.
Q. How are the plants packaged?
A. We pack your plants in a ‘semi-bare-rooted’ condition in plastic sleeves which are in turn packed in a snug-fitting custom-made cardboard carton. This method of packaging we have evolved over the last thirty + years and, though it looks simple, meets all the normal requirements for safe, effective delivery through the postal system. The other advantages of this system are that it guarantees the vital root disturbance when potting up or planting out, minimizes the import of ‘foreign’ soil to your garden, and holds the plants firmly by the root during postage not by the leaves or stems.

Q. When do you dispatch?
A. We dispatch plants daily Monday to Thursday (Bank Holiday weeks excepted) as a weekend in a sorting office somewhere does nothing good for the plants!

Non-plant items may bedispatched any working day of the week depending on the Markets being attended at the time.

Q. Is the photo in the listing a picture of the plant I will receive?
A.No. The pictures are only ‘illustrative’ of the plant. This is the norm in the horticultural industry. As a moments consideration will show, it would be impossible to do otherwise.
It must also be appreciated that the time or season of the year must be taken into account when formulating expectations. We do not want to disappoint any customer, but we work with nature – we cannot control her!

Q. Do you accept returns?
A. Yes, on certain conditions. We must be contacted by email immediately on receipt of the
item, and a valid reason be given for complaint. It should be noted in this respect that plants, being ‘perishable’ are specifically excluded from the ‘Distance Selling Regulations’. However we do try to be reasonable at all times.